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Business Initiatives

Free up your unsung heroes and leverage spreadsheets to drive immediate improvements across your organization:

IT / DevOps

IT / DevOps

Provide critical relief to growing digital transformation backlogs while maintaining operational control

Easily convert spreadsheets into consumable resources (APIs with automatically generated code snippets in 20+ language implementations) to implement governance controls  and avoid the burden of lengthy spreadsheet conversion projects.

We treat spreadsheet logic like code, adding enterprise-grade governance features for IT teams. The result is a continuous delivery partnership between business and IT.



Take Control of financial planning and budgeting

Finance departments use enterrpise budgeting systems. However one of the drawbacks of these systems is the inability to customize input forms without recourse to programming projects.

The use of spreadsheets for gathering input at global scale, raises new problems: version mismatches, modified formulas and currency disparity. Such errors can extend the budgeting process significantly as Finance tries to track down the root cause of issues.

With Spark, Finance can control versions, protect formulas and allowed values and automatically aggregate intput into back-end systems to create end-to-end budget planning workflows with reliable data.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Implement results-oriented appraisals for improved organizational performance

A data driven approach in which individual contribution is quantified and aligned with organizational objectives leads to improved motivation as well as better resource planning. 

Spark protects underlying formulas so they can't be modified by end-users and  ensures everyone uses the same spreadsheet version and normalizes data across departments feeding it into backend HR systems.



Improve forecasting and eliminate out-of-date account data by feeding information directly into back-end systems

Evaluating the potential of markets using normalized input gathered from across the organization drives better decision-making at reduced cost. 

With Spark you can distribute standard spreadsheet-based forms in which the formulas are protected, ensuring everyone's input is normalized and reliable. Data can be automatically aggregated into the corporate plan.

Counterparty Operations

Counterparty Operations

Address the inefficiencies of working with counterparties 

Automating multi-firm processes by combining models from both parties eliminates the errors inherent in manual processes and provides exceptional efficiency gains both in time to process as well as cost. 

Spark ensures everyone in on the correct version, lets you chain both internal and external spreadsheet-based models together, protects internal IP, records every transaction and delivers dramatic efficiency gains for the organization.



Decisions on promotional investment are often based on instinct or intangible industry norms but fail to provide expected returns.

Integrate spreadsheet-based marketing plans with data platforms in order to apply real-world data to marketing investment decisions.

Spark models can be embedded directly into enterprise data platforms to aggregate decision data, evaluate historical marketing channel performance and predict outcomes for each investment.

Industry solutions

Accelerate your business initivatives and decrease time to revenue, increasing efficiency and driving growth in some of the most complex and volatile industries.

We designed Spark with you in mind

Measurable RoI for business leaders, IT, compliance and risk officers

Business and Digital Transformation

Enjoy dramatically faster time to market and chain models to create full spreadsheet-based workflows

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IT and Technology Leaders

Spark treats spreadsheets like code with version control, large-scale testbeds, regression analysis and automatically-generated code snippets for rapid integration with Apps, systems and data platforms

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Compliance and Risk Officers

Take control of spreadsheet usage in your organization with version control, cell-level protection, data consistency analysis, large-scale testbeds with regression analysis and audit trails containing every transaction, user interaction and underlying calculation

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Use cases

Spark drives critical use cases for organizations seeking to convert, control and connect their most important business models and processes.

Accelerate digital transformation

Deliver in days not months

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Migrate a legacy system

Modernize critical systems with the power of hyper-automation and cloud service delivery

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Align with emerging regulatory requirements

Take control of end-user Computing (EUC)

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Improve organizational efficiency

Dramatically accelerate time-to-market without the costs

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Robust Modelling

Now that you've built the perfect spreadsheet model, how can you be sure it will work at scale across the firm? Spark has the answer.

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