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Future-proof your firm by securing the Excel estate.

We equip risk and operations executives with the insight to move from static, subjective control assessments to proactive monitoring and data-driven risk measurements across their spreadsheet estate. Data and transformation managers can prototype digitization solutions rapidly, reducing Excel migration friction and accelerating automation initiatives.

Centralize Controls


Monitor inventory in real-time with data-driven risk measurements and insights.


Auto-generate spreadsheet documentation with version identifiers and inputs/outputs.

Change Management

Comprehensive version management and workbook validation with integrated testing.

Data Integrity

Elevate data governance with audit trails and data integration into and out of Excel.

Deliver frictionless transformation.

Turbocharge end-to-end business process automation and optimization.

Alleviate cost constraints by leveraging existing assets.

Gain immediate ROI by eliminating manual processes.

Modernize with a seamless transition from Excel to microservices.

Empower resources to focus on high-value work.

Regulatory requirements

Spark tracks all versions as well as transaction details and underlying calculations. In the event of an inquiry the Spark audit trail has all the information you need.

Product launch accelerator

Rate calculations and simulation

Clearance rate simulation

Re-insurance and valuation modeling

Claims and fraud simulation

Say goodbye to costly customizations

By externalizing business logic and connecting via API to component systems, you can make time-consuming customizations a thing of the past. This unique approach enables IT teams to:

Mitigate the challenges between desired rating logic and various regulatory requirements.

Minimize the costly step of defining IP in each component

Reduce initial system implementation costs by approximately 20% - CAN WE SAY THIS? - how can we validate?

Improve system performance by XXX - how? Why does this matter?

Modernize architecture with improved flexibility - can we say this differently?

Future-proof your firm.

Risk and operations executives need proactive monitoring and data-driven risk measurements across business processes to support frictionless transformation in financial services. At Coherent, we are the preferred platform for cloud-native spreadsheet controls and automating Excel processes.

You’ve modeled your risk appetite, your broker list (appointments), and blacklist– yet much of your clearance process remains manual, based on inputs and rules kept in spreadsheets. Triaging takes time. And faster clearance doesn’t always equate to better risk-rating decisioning.

What if you could automate the clearance process from start to finish—including testing on the backend? To get started, all your team needs is what they already have: a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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