Use cases

Spark drives critical use cases for organizations seeking to convert, control and connect their most important business models and processes.

Spark drives critical use cases for organizations seeking to convert, control and connect their most important business models and processes.

Take control of end-user Computing (EUC)

Playing whack-a-mole with End-User Computing (EUC) and compliance risks?

How pervasive are your End-User Computing (EUC) and compliance risks?

The largest uncontrolled surface of IP in business - logic and models in spreadsheets.

For regulated industries, these risks are now a high priority for regulators.

Fines are massive.

This uncontrolled surface creates drag on your business.

Reduced agility, Innovation, and responsiveness to market conditions.

Businesses are grappling with Inefficiencies, errors, and risks.

With Spark, every formula, user input and output is logged and auditable - You always know what took place and when.

Accelerate digital transformation

Leverage your existing spreadsheet models while establishing better control, connectivity and governance

Why reinvent the wheel - Leverage existing spreadsheet models

Automatic code snippets for more than 20 programming language implementations

Eliminate misunderstandings between business analysts and programmers

A partnership between business and IT to accelerate projects in days or weeks rather than months or years

Adapt to market conditions by fostering a continuous innovation / release program

Migrate a legacy system

Modernize critical systems with the power of hyper-automation and cloud service delivery.

Every customer we encounter has unique requirements – often built up over time. Their legacy systems have become costly bottlenecks holding back innovation.

A traditional system reprogramming approach may help move a legacy system to a more recent architecture. However, we can do better.

Migration with Spark:

Eliminate a lengthy knowledge transfer process from business to IT

Migrate even the most complex processes and products in weeks not months or years

Immediately connect the resulting services to Apps, portals and other systems and services

Go back and make a change, you now have a continuous innovation platform with testbeds, regression analysis and version control

Robust Modelling

Now that you've built the perfect spreadsheet model, how can you be sure it will work at scale across the firm?
Spark has the answer.

When models are essential — Convert models of all size and complexity to robust cloud services in minutes

Lightning fast execution at enterprise Scale — Enjoy 1000 X runtime performance improvements for even the largest models

Connect your model and automate — To Apps., portals or large data platforms using automatically generated code for 20+ languages. Automate processes or build  a curated model library

Keep innovating — Continue enhancing and updating your models from Excel

Quality first — Implement large-scale automated tests with regression analysis

Version control — Manage releases and ensure every dependent system uses the correct version

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Cost mitigation and efficiency

Dramatically accelerate time-to-market while addressing costly risks

Convert your first business model in minutes - zero learning curve

Migrate legacy systems in weeks not months/years

Integration is a snap - We generate the code snippets for inclusion in end-user apps and external systems

Be first to market - we support continuous updates to models with zero impact on costs

Eliminate expensive mistakes - testbeds with regression analysis and version control

Control compliance EUC risks/fines – audit trails that provide proof of what took place

Chain models internally and externally delivering huge efficiency gains

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