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Modernize your underwriting process without disruption using Coherent Spark

Whatever Excel-based processes you have, Coherent Spark can improve your speed and efficiency with an innovative way to achieve results in moments, not months. It works by converting your business logic from Excel to a secure cloud-ready service —which is then readily available to your systems, partners, and distributors.

Spark meets the challenge

Removing Risk

Address costly errors when spreadsheet models are interpreted differently by dev teams. Spark generates standard version-controlled services accessible by all teams ensuring the original model is tested and common across all systems.

Regulatory Mismatches

Use Spark's audit log to ensure the rates filed with the regulator are the same as those used by the business.

Addresses fragmented processes

Manual steps are still used across the policy lifecycle. Spark can drive new efficiencies and contribute to the broader lifecycle with chained models that remove sources of error.

Incorporate spreadsheets into your tech stack

Automate the migration of policy models to new tech stacks (internal as well as external interfaces) through the use of open interfaces.

Common Spark applications

Underwriting rules / risk appetite rules

Pricing and rating

Track the versions and details of policy rates presented to customers

Bespoke policies

Distribution of models to agents, brokers and direct to consumer

Protection of intellectual property during claims processing by 3rd parties as well as version control

Regulatory requirements

Spark tracks all versions as well as transaction details and underlying calculations. In the event of an inquiry the Spark audit trail has all the information you need.

Product launch accelerator

Rate calculations and simulation

Clearance rate simulation

Re-insurance and valuation modeling

Claims and fraud simulation

Return on Investment

Coherent Spark can dramatically accelerate underwriting, rating, issuance, claims—and any other process leveraging Excel-based logic such as rules, calculations, or data of any complexity.

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Coherent Spark can be used to accelerate the clearance process for commercial insurers. By automating the clearance-related rules and logic you currently maintain in Excel, you can enable your business to grow capacity and build more sophisticated models based on your risk appetite.

You’ve modeled your risk appetite, your broker list (appointments), and blacklist– yet much of your clearance process remains manual, based on inputs and rules kept in spreadsheets. Triaging takes time. And faster clearance doesn’t always equate to better risk-rating decisioning.

What if you could automate the clearance process from start to finish—including testing on the backend? To get started, all your team needs is what they already have: a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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