Spark for Actuaries

Boost innovation

Continue using Excel to develop new innovative products at scale, while improving quality, performance and regulatory compliance in partnership with IT.

Keep Innovating in Excel

Automate and scale the indispensible spreadsheet

Coherent Spark combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with the performance, security and  of enterprise-grade cloud computing systems. You can finally leverage the benefits of Excel while ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance across actuarial operations.

Digitize Actuarial Operations

Life insurance products delivered in days, not months

Life insurance pricing actuaries can address the long-standing challenges of accelerating development cycles and release timelines by turning business logic into code and connecting it to downstream systems. With Coherent Spark pricing actuaries can:

Continue modeling in Excel — without VBA loops and version control issues

Change and test model factors, variables, and assumptions in real time

Run modeling simulations at scale in the cloud

Reduce IT implementation timelines by eliminating the need to re-code model logic into multiple downstream systems

Financial Reporting

Automate the inevitable manual adjustments

Manual adjustments are inevitable to get from raw results to robust financial reporting. Actuaries routinely use Excel to aggregate and transform data from disparate sources to fuel modeling and reports, forecast financial results, and conduct regulatory audits.  With Coherent Spark, cumbersome manual processes can finally be automated.

Financial reporting actuaries using Spark can:

Streamline and automate the ingestion of data into Excel models

Create an path to fill the data gap between actuarial systems and the financial reporting process

Enable aggregations and adjustments to live in Excel in perpetuity, but with full version control and auditability providing a clear view into your financial reporting numbers

This is the kind of digitalization life insurance actuaries need; leverage existing tools and talent to gain a competitive edge and fuel growth.

Automation meets customization

Blazing fast rating and rules, governed at scale

Property and Casualty actuaries are hyper-focused on increasing product profitability while managing risk. To deliver maximum margins, quoting systems must be regularly reconfigured to keep up with rate changes. Unfortunately, existing systems typically require specialized developers and vendors, limiting insurers' ability to quickly adapt rates in a dynamic market.
Coherent Spark addresses:

Delays when porting ratings logic to other code

Shadow policy admin living on single user desktops

Governance and control challenges  

The risks of data and IP breaches

Scalability issues

The lack of quality assurance when using Excel

With Coherent Spark, P&C actuaries can enjoy all the benefits and flexibility of Excel, with none of the risk.

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