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Measurable RoI for business leaders, Finance, IT, compliance and risk officers

Measurable RoI for business leaders, IT, compliance and risk officers

Business and Digital Transformation

Enjoy dramatically faster time to market and chain models to create full spreadsheet-based workflows.

Leverage the investment you already made in Excel

Simple learning curve, just tag input/output fields in Excel

Load models in seconds and enjoy 100-1000X performance gains at runtime

Spark supports the majority of Excel commands/logic

Quality assurance using Spark's testbeds, data consistency and regression analysis

Hyper-Automation converts spreadsheet models to cloud services in minutes

Code snippets are generated automatically and available for integration with Apps, Systems and Services

Share a model with other Excel users but lock down visibility of underlying logic

Keep innovating and enhancing models to stay ahead of the market

IT and Technology Leaders

Spark provides the enterprise control you need while helping you accelerate the delivery of projects in partnership with business.

User and project-level access controls

Robust encryption key management

Control access with IP whitelisting, Group and individual permissions

Use Spark's automatically generated code to rapidly integrate the model with Apps, systems and services

Verify test coverage and review regression analysis prior to release

Version control ensures every dependent system and user is  on the approved release

Compliance and Risk Officers

Spark puts you in control of end-user computing (EUC) with a range of management and control features. With Spark you can:

Establish data consistency quality controls using Spark's data analysis features

Implement Systematic testing and regression analysis prior to release

Version control to ensure orgnizational alignment

Audit trail of transactions and the underlying calculations

Search by user/service version/API endpoint/date range

Feed API history into corporate retention archives and operational governance systems

Track dependencies, report on test frequency, evaluate impact of a departing employee


Continue using Excel to develop new innovative products at scale while improving quality, performance and regulatory compliance in partnership with IT.

Faster deployment – Innovate in minutes rather than months

Automating manual adjustments – avoid rekeying data, addressing potential sources of error

Data Aggregation – automate the process of reconciling different data sources

Testing and validation - improve the quality of releases

Compliance – clear audit trail, ability to clearly document and communicate products and services to regulators

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Save time and money delivering critical systems, eliminate errors and fines. Implement huge efficiency improvements to end-to-end workflows in weeks not months.

Address the rising cost of digital transformation projects

Avoid unplanned losses due to data consistency as well as formula errors via Spark's regression analysis

Address the cost and potential legal proceedings due to version mismatches in the field

Implement the latest regulatory requirements for End-User Computing and avoid heavy fines

Implement protected spreadsheets to avoid time lost during budget planning

Chain and aggregate data into back-end systems and other spreadsheets to create end-to-end workflows with huge efficiency upside

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