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Convert, Control and Connect your spreadsheets

Coherent Spark represents a new solution category and addresses the key customer requirements for business-driven and IT-operated spreadsheet models.

Convert, optimize and scale your spreadsheets

Move critical logic to cloud-hosted or on-premises infrastructure

Up and running in minutes

Simple learning curve, just Tag input/output fields in Excel

Broad support across Excel function set

Hyper-Automation converts spreadsheet models to cloud services in minutes

A new day for spreadsheets

We optimize and deliver 100-1000 X performance gains at runtime

Automatically generate code snippets and documentation for integrating with Apps, systems and services

Share a model with other Excel users but lock down cell visibility

Everyone benefits

Business gets dramatically faster time to market and can create full spreadsheet- based workflows

IT gets the operational controls and joined up thinking they have been missing

Compliance/Risk gets to retire local outdated or sensitive copies of spreadsheets

Control and Governance

Configure enterprise controls for managing Spark across the organization and ensuring the quality, security and compliance of your implementation


Quality Assurance

Check data consistency with our embedded analysis tools

Programmatically enforce data ranges

Automate large-scale quality assurance and what-if scenario testing

Perform regression analysis


Admin and Security Features

User- and project-level access controls

Robust encryption key management

IP Allowlisting and access controls to models by external counterparties

Flexible deployment options: Cloud, Hybrid cloud and on-premises

Cell-level protection and visibility of spreadsheet logic (IP)

Version release management for fully tested/validated models


Compliance and Risk Management

Audit trail of every transaction and calculation

Search by user/service version/API endpoint/date range

Download and review the underlying spreadsheet calculation

Feed API history into corporate retention archives and operational governance systems

Track dependencies, report on test frequency, evaluate impact of a departing employee

Connect and embed your Spark models

Accelerate delivery to Apps, systems and data services and create automated end-to-end workflows by linking Spark models

Feed Spark models into your tech stack — Apps, systems and data services

Securely leverage your most valuable IP and data

Leverage our automatically generated code snippets and data structures for your Spark service

Choose from more than 20 programming language implementations including: c, c#, curl, dart, go, html, java, javascript,  Node.js, Objective-c, PHP, PowerShell, Python, ruby, shell, swift

Embed Spark models in large data platforms such as Microsoft Azur, Snowflake

Make Spark Connections

According to Forrester 60% of businesses use more than 1000 spreadsheets for their critical operations

Email and other manual steps are used to exchange data

Remove manual errors and version mismatches

Accelerate the business by combining models and automating entire workflows

Control external party access for cross-party efficiency gains


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