The Coherent Platform

The Coherent Platform enables the conversion of business logic from Excel to code while delivering API connectivity to drive usability in applications.

IT architects can externalize key calculations from any system of record to enable an agile microservices based architecture.

Operational executives can manage the entire Excel estate to mitigate risk and pinpoint areas for process automation and optimization.

What is the Excel estate?
The Excel estate is every relevant workbook across any business enterprise.

Converting business logic to microservices.

Financial services firms depend on operational processes embedded with business logic and user controls that reside in Excel.

Commonly called End-User Computing (EUC) or User-Developed Applications (UDA), these applications influence vital business decisions.

Without proper governance and controls, user-created tools introduce operational risk and are costly to integrate across the IT landscape.

The Coherent Platform reduces operational risk and by delivering easy API integrations in a cloud-native control framework.

Insurance policy rating as a microservice.

Converting business logic to microservices means insurance carriers can decouple raters from monolithic applications and deliver the data to any system via API.

Carriers can easily automate the development and deployment of personalized insurance products using your current continuous integration continuous delivery (CICD) toolsets.

Insights into API Calls, Usage, and Run Time

Delivering business logic via API in a secure, cloud-native control framework with proactive monitoring of the entire Excel estate is just the beginning.

Insights across the estate unlocks the immense potential of your Excel assets.

Convert, optimize and scale your spreadsheets

Business analysts keep using Excel while Spark automatically provides governance controls, and integration support — sophisticated optimization means 100-1000 X performance gains at runtime

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Control spreadsheet versions, test, analyze & track usage

Enterprise controls for managing Spreadsheets across the organization and ensuring the quality, security and compliance of your implementation

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Connect and embed your spreadsheet services

Dramatic acceleration of digital transformation projects through hyperautomation. Spark provides code snippets for more than 20 language implementations ready for integration with Apps, systems and data services

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The complete solution for converting, controlling, and connecting business spreadsheets.

Neuron: The intelligent Core

Neuron: The intelligent Core

Spark’s intelligent core parses and converts the most widely used spreadsheet functions and coding logic into highly portable web assembly code that can be run anywhere - mobile app, web browser, data cloud, on-premises infrastructure. The conversion process includes optimization that delivers 100x to 1000x performance gains at runtime. 

Neuron interprets the end user’s instructions with respect to inputs/outputs and data validation and generates code snippets for more than twenty programming language implementations, dramatically accelerating delivery times and reducing the cost of digital transformation.

Feature-rich and powerful, Neuron works at lightning speed and even sophisticated spreadsheet models can be converted in mere seconds.

And there's no learning curve - Business analysts continue to work in Excel while Spark converts their models to controlled, connected cloud services.

Watch the video to see how quickly you can tag your spreadsheet and upload your business logic to create a Spark service.

For Admins


Experience the enterprise controls you need to manage Spark across the organization and ensure the quality, security and compliance of your implementation.

User and project-level access controls

Robust encryption key management

Control external access  to models with IP allowlisting

Version control and release management for fully tested/validated models

For Compliance/Risk Officers

Compliance/Risk Features

What happened, who did it, which version was used, what was the underlying spreadsheet logic? It’s all available in the Spark audit trail. Version control as well as sophisticated testing features mitigate risks and put you back in control of your spreadsheets

Audit trail of every transaction and spreadsheet calculation

Search by user/service version/API endpoint/date range 

Download and review the underlying spreadsheet logic

Feed API history into corporate retention archives and operational governance systems

Track dependencies, report on test frequency, evaluate impact of a departing employee



Everything you need to ensure your models are correct, exhaustively tested, and nothing broke with a new version. Automate user acceptance testing to reduce weeks to days while drastically increasing coverage and confidence in your spreadsheets

Testbeds automate large-scale quality assurance and what-if scenario testing

Compare results and perform regression analysis

Check data consistency with our analysis tools for Excel

Enforce data ranges

Version Control

Version Control

Eliminate errors and confusion inherent in traditional end-user computing (EUC).

Implement change controls by annotating your versions

Manage major vs minor version numbers

Historical versions are stored and always available for review

Rollback to a previous stable version if needed

Leverage Spark services to ensure dependent systems and end-users have the correct version

Connect your Service to Apps, Systems and Services

Connect your Service to Apps, Systems and Services

Embed models in Apps, systems, and data services using automatically generated code snippets.

Integration code is automatically generated during the uploading process

Full API documentation for the new service is available for developers

Swagger and code Snippets for more than 20 language implementations can be copied directly from Spark into your front-end code

The result: business logic can be integrated with other systems and services in a fraction of the time

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Every enterprise has specific requirements for the way spreadsheet-based services should be deployed. With Spark customers can choose any combination of on-prem and cloud deployments for testing and production services:

Cloud service tenant

Hybrid cloud/on-prem (separate your test and production services) 


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