Life and Annuities

Redefine product development and deployment.

The friction between IT and business is well-known in the Life Insurance industry. Actuaries model risk and developers write code; bridging this gap is costly and time-consuming.

With Coherent, actuaries can accelerate speed to market and information technologists can enjoy a frictionless development cycle. Check out the business value we've delivered for our customers.

Life insurance carriers and annuity manufacturers release new products faster while eliminating costly errors using Spark.

Business value delivered at lightning speed.

Turbocharge speed to market

Agents and brokers received group benefits quotes 89% faster.

Boost Innovation

Global Life Insurer generated $4 million in new business value.

Optimize capital management

Global Life Insurer reduced runtime by 99.6% across a complex product, improving capital and risk management in an emerging market.

Reduce Development Cost

Group Benefits Provider saved $740,000 in developer costs on a single product deployment.

Solutions For Every Application

Even the most complex spreadsheets can be reined in with Coherent Spark. Below is just a sampling of how Spark can bring positive impact across the insurance sector.

Life & Annuities

  • New business Product Illustration

  • In-force Product Illustrations

  • Back Office Actuarial Calculations

  • Policy Administration Conversions

  • Closed Block and Reinsurance Treaty Calculations

  • Operational Annuitization Calculations

Property & Casualty

  • Specialty Insurance Raters

  • Re-Rating and Re-pricing Books of Business

  • New Risk Raters

  • Data Modeling and sensitivity Testing

  • Reserve Opinions


  • Defined contribution pricing

  • 401K

  • Lifetime income algo

  • Plan benchmarking tool

  • Erisa compliance testing

  • Daily valuation stable value engine

Streamline product innovation

Ensure product compliance requirements are met across complex business operations.

Govern compliance risk and version control in one cloud-based location.

Manage secure authentication and access control to sensitive models and algorithms.

Facilitate easy audits by saving and storing all versions of every model and related calculations in perpetuity.

Regulatory requirements

Spark tracks all versions as well as transaction details and underlying calculations. In the event of an inquiry the Spark audit trail has all the information you need.

Product launch accelerator

Rate calculations and simulation

Clearance rate simulation

Re-insurance and valuation modeling

Claims and fraud simulation

Say goodbye to costly customizations

By externalizing business logic and connecting via API to component systems, you can make time-consuming customizations a thing of the past. This unique approach enables IT teams to:

Mitigate the challenges between desired rating logic and various regulatory requirements.

Minimize the costly step of defining IP in each component

Reduce initial system implementation costs by approximately 20% - CAN WE SAY THIS? - how can we validate?

Improve system performance by XXX - how? Why does this matter?

Modernize architecture with improved flexibility - can we say this differently?

Eliminate technical complexity to unleash business innovation.

As the insurance industry evolves, it's time to think differently about owning software. At Coherent, we are more than a software solution. We are the partner for innovation, ready to deliver a future of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced agility.

You’ve modeled your risk appetite, your broker list (appointments), and blacklist– yet much of your clearance process remains manual, based on inputs and rules kept in spreadsheets. Triaging takes time. And faster clearance doesn’t always equate to better risk-rating decisioning.

What if you could automate the clearance process from start to finish—including testing on the backend? To get started, all your team needs is what they already have: a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel

Empower your developers to do more with less

Developers can deliver more products with fewer resources by externalizing actuarial models and embracing an agile, microservices-based approach to product deployment. The Coherent Platform includes automated version control and end-to-end audit trails for easy governance and compliance.

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