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Re-Establish Control of  Spreadsheets - Instantly

CoherentSpark helps address some of the most important and potentially reputationally damaging challenges the industry faces; that of business-critical processes being performed on uncontrolled spreadsheets. 

EUC Governance and Control without the learning curve

How to address the regulatory or risk concerns pertaining to business-critical processes being performed on uncontrolled spreadsheets, often referred to as End-User Computing (EUC).  

Spark transforms spreadsheets and the often complex logic that resides within, into enterprise grade code. In this way, uncontrolled spreadsheets are converted to cloud service interfaces and benefit from a range of enterprise governance and control features. While business users continue to use Excel as their day-to-day visualisation tool.

Spark solves your EUC problems

Automate and control everything you do with spreadsheets across the enterprise:

Remove knowledge silos and version mismatches caused by spreadsheets residing on users’  desktops

Identify data consistency issues and formula errors with large scale testbeds and regression analysis tools before releasing to production

Provide cloud storage with full auditability, traceability and version control

That means every time a spreadsheet is accessed, an API is called, a formula or cell value changed - it’s all logged and can be easily recalled in response to an auditor or regulatory inquiry.

Modernizing EUC

Flexible Deployment

Our business model is flexible and we can accommodate the deployment preferences of our customers: on premises, private or public cloud.

We deliver a control framework and remove the possibility for business users to amend the core logic in business-critical spreadsheets. They can run large-scale testbeds, change inputs to see how they affect outputs, but the logic and formulas in production can no longer be altered in any way.

A Platform for Digital Transformation

Coherent also understands that many clients’ strategic vision is to reduce or completely eliminate some of their core spreadsheet-based processes, replacing them with fully automated technology solutions. With Spark, the resulting code can be integrated with any platform that consumes APIs, therefore accelerating large scale transformation/remediation programs in a way that has never previously existed

Business users continue to innovate and test their ideas while IT can rapidly connect fully quality assured versions to all apps, systems and data platforms using automatically generated integration code. The resulting partnership between business and IT means ROI is realised in days or weeks, not months or years

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