Coherent has a superpower to transform your business, starting with a single cell. By converting spreadsheets into APIs, you can experience the rapid flexibility and scalability you need, elevate your governance and control, and enhance customer experience through your existing assets. You can have your spreadsheets and control them, too. 

Insurance Solutions

Modernizing EUC

Coherent is in the business of transforming businesses, and for financial services, Coherent Spark can:

Manage any model as a connected cloud service

Accelerate time to market for new products

Improve precision in pricing models

Transform legacy processes 

Deploy in cloud or on-prem

Reduce costs and raise ROI  

Build enterprise-scale scenario testing

Reduce risk and enhance compliance

Implement stronger control & governance 

Convert challenges into opportunities

Spreadsheets are prevalent across the insurance industry but are also the largest unchecked surface of IP that exist within many organizations. While useful, spreadsheets as they exist today weigh down your operational agility and create risk. But with Coherent Spark, you can take your spreadsheet experience:

  • Slower time to market due to complex pricing models

  • Sluggish Excel processing times

  • Lack of control

  • Feeling the need to replace spreadsheets

  • Frequent breaking

  • Data silos

  • Rapid-speed calculations so you can adjust to distributor or market changes

  • 1,000x the Excel logic speed

  • Version control and execution run logs

  • Improving upon existing technologies

  • Accuracy at scale

  • Centralized intelligence

Solutions For Every Application

Even the most complex spreadsheets can be reined in with Coherent Spark. Below is just a sampling of how Spark can bring positive impact across the insurance sector.

Life & Annuities

  • New business product illustration

  • In-force product illustrations

  • Back office actuarial calculations

  • Policy administration conversions

  • Closed block and reinsurance treaty calculations

  • Operational annuitization calculations

Property & Casualty

  • Specialty insurance raters

  • Re-rating and re-pricing books of business

  • New risk raters

  • Data modeling and sensitivity testing

  • Reserve opinions


  • Defined contribution pricing

  • 401K

  • Lifetime income algo

  • Plan benchmarking tool

  • ERISA compliance testing

  • Daily valuation stable value engine

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