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Founded by insurance industry experts, Coherent is dedicated to helping insurers transition to a fully digitalised, customer-centric future.

We know that insurers are hungry to innovate. We also know that legacy systems can stop progress in its tracks. Which is why Coherent’s proprietary technology is designed to tackle systemic industry issues and deliver radical improvements in speed, agility and operational resilience.

With Coherent, you get a flexible way to build a future-ready business. You can deploy a single Coherent platform for immediate, targeted benefits. Or deploy multiple platforms and experience our full ecosystem that work in synergy to deliver exponential operating improvements.

Ignite possibilities with Spark

Coherent’s platforms run on Spark: proprietary technology that’s transforming the insurance industry. Spark is Coherent’s logic and rules engine, offering API services, data storage and cloud provisioning.

Standardised models for speed and efficiency
With containerised deployment and a microservices architecture, Spark platforms run consistently in all operating environments. Easy to replicate and scale, with Spark you can update platforms and re-use models without time-consuming development or redeployment.

Always learning, always improving
An intelligent learning system, the more data Spark gathers, the more it reveals hidden relationships between your rules. As a result, your product development, policy management and customer interactions operate with richer insights and at faster speeds.

Better user experiences
Spark enables intuitive interfaces and simple data visualisations, making it easy for non-technical users to manage its features using familiar tools.

Spark’s leading-edge features

Coherent Core

Rapid operationalising

Docker-based architecture enables platforms to be deployed on-premise, on cloud or on mobile. Get models and rule services up and running in minutes.

Lightning-fast calculations

Run hundreds of thousands of calculations per second on a single processing unit. Deploy in a cluster for unlimited scalability.

Encrypted security

End-to-end encryption of all data and assets. Control who can see, edit and execute rules.

Open integration

Manage hundreds of inputs and outputs per service. Deliver functionality and logic to any system. Open API approach for managing rules.

Built for complexity

Apply advanced solve routines to support complex use cases. Chain models together. Create master references.

Centralised control

Every rule and change is tracked and dated for auditability. See how rules change and evolve and build your own governance flows.

Run every rule type

From simple lookup tables to stochastic modelling, Spark supports functional, procedural and timed rules.

Handles complex logic

Supports models with thousands of inputs and outputs, including product pricing, customer needs analysis, policy recommendations and marketing campaigns.

Test and audit

Build and manage test beds. Run and compare results between any rule sets. Reveal deviations from baseline and central test cases.

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