Cut product development cycle time in half.

Everything you do in Excel just got easier.

Convert spreadsheets into ready-to-integrate code in minutes, not months.

Automate complex Excel models and react to market changes instantly.

Update and launch products faster, without slowing down IT.

Company background

The  Secure 2.0 Act of 2022 is driving the need for rapid innovation in the retirement and lifetime income sector. Because of this, a leading global life insurance carrier needed to accelerate its product development cycle.

In Life Insurance, traditional product development cycles span six to nine months. With today's dynamic market and evolving legislation, carriers must shorten the development cycle to remain competitive.


Accelerate Product Development Cycle
Reduced from 6-12 months to 3-4 weeks.

Centralized, consistent pricing maximizes profitability
Actuaries can access the same logic with models living in a controlled, cloud-based environment. This eliminates manual spreadsheet errors and ensures consistent product pricing across any market.

Faster product updates
Product updates are made and shared across all relevant systems in an hour compared to the previous timeline of three months.


Institutional Retirement, Lifetime Income


The primary challenge for the carrier was to accelerate its product development cycle, especially in the context of the Secure 2.0 Act implications for retirement and lifetime income products —the technology infrastructure and development processes needed to support rapid experimentation and innovation. The reliance on Excel for critical actuarial calculations was seen as a limitation due to its perceived lack of robustness for enterprise-level tasks.


Faster development cycles fuel agile responses to market opportunities.

The carrier chose Coherent Spark to enable the conversion of complex actuarial models into API endpoints, facilitating seamless integration with middleware and partners. The implementation was swift and efficient. Within days, the carrier's team marked up the necessary Excel workbooks and the conversion to API endpoints was completed in seconds. This rapid transformation allowed the IT team to focus on integrating these endpoints into the middleware ecosystem and addressing compliance and legal aspects of product development. Adopting Coherent Spark reduced product development cycles by 50%, enabling the carrier to respond to market opportunities more quickly than before. The technology allowed for easy versioning of APIs, robust testing, and efficient documentation generation. This agility is particularly beneficial in fostering strategic partnerships and fulfilling the requirements of the Secure 2.0 Act.

"We've reduced our product development cycles by over 50%, which is a huge win. It makes us more responsive to market changes and customer needs.”

-  Head of Technology, Institutional Division

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does Coherent Spark work with?

Modern APIs and security features integrate with cloud-based CRMs, no-code / low-code platforms and custom-built apps. Connectors and SDKs enable Coherent Spark to work with legacy and native apps and mainframe systems.

Does Coherent Spark offer deployment flexibility?

Coherent Spark is supported by world-class architecture and offers multiple deployment options: on-premise, on cloud, or on mobile (online and offline).

How many business rules can Coherent Spark handle?

From straightforward lookup tables to stochastic modelling, Coherent Spark supports all forms and types of product, business and procedural rules. There are no limits to what it can do for you. If you have your rules on a spreadsheet, Spark can convert it into an API.

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