Leveraging Coherent Spark
for legacy migration

Time to modernize
Convert Control and Connect your legacy models today

Reduce development time by 80%
Expediting time to market to 3-4 months

No data migration required - Reduces risk and effort

Product configurations and calculation engines are built in

Lower cost – no need to replace or rebuild legacy systems

Legacy Innovation in a digital world

Insurers must innovate to stay ahead but increasingly legacy systems create friction leading to urgent digital transformation projects.

  1. Complex architectures that lock down Key systems, product logic, configuration, pricing tables, and underwriting rules
  2. Limited connectivity to digital channels
  3. Long product launch cycles requiring bespoke engineering
  4. Every system is unique requiring specialized designs

Our combined solution

A portable and easy-to-manage digital solution for legacy system modernization with lower cost, bigger business impact, and more flexibility

An innovative logic conversion and optimization solution that converts Excel logic into connected cloud services complete with versioning, governance & control capabilities

A fast delivery process that eliminates 80% of development time on core systems and expedites time to market

Learn how Cognizant accelerates your critical migration projects with Spark

Looking to moderize your legacy systems? We'll show you how we can convert, control and connect them in minutes.

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