Coherent for Capital Markets

Control your spreadsheets and accelerate innovation while addressing End-User-Computing (EUC risks)

We are the global leader in instantly translating, optimizing and controlling spreadsheet-based models, turning them into enterprise-grade capabilities that compliment your technology stack and operating practices. Unlock new revenue and reduce costs and risk with Coherent Spark.

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Fearlessly unlock speed, value & risk in your spreadsheets

Excel with superpowers

Excel is used everywhere and more people use it to code business logic than all other programming languages combined. And Excel is getting better every year. Imagine you could address all your current concerns, from automation and integration to governance and control, even performance.

With Coherent Spark that's exactly what you get - enterprise-grade governance  as well as automatically generated integration code for connecting with apps, portals, online services and data platforms.

Private Equity & Hedge Funds

Portfolio analysis and valuation

Fund pricing and valuation

SOX Model Compliance & Attestation

Securities Services

Corporate actions

Product, model, and business rule control

NAV calculations

Asset Management

Fund accounting analysis and control

Portfolio analysis and valuation

Structured product calculation

Management fee allocation

Investment Banking

Securitized product calculation

Research model management and simulation

Fixed Income / Equities / Derivatives modelling and calculations

Tax simulation and computation

Overcome common Capital Market challenges with Coherent Spark


Excel models are hard to identify, manage & control

Spark enables centralized execution control with auditability features.


Excel complicates risk governance

Spark is an enterprise-grade platform with full logging of execution runs.


Data management & sovereignty regulation challenges

Spark can separate model management from execution and data.


Replacing Excel is complex & expensive

Convert, control and connect Excel spreadsheets in minutes with Spark.

Get a head start on ESG/EUC compliance & reporting

Spark allows you to extract relevant information and update your ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) models easily on Excel.

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