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Actuarial Transformation Guide: How to spark innovation with Excel in the cloud

The Evolution of Actuary Technology Ebook Coherent

Download the full guide to learn more about:

  • The evolution of actuarial technology.

  • The love-hate relationship between actuaries and Excel.

  • How to overcome the limitations of Excel while keeping the capabilities you need and enjoy.

  • Unlocking the value of enterprise-grade modeling.

  • How companies are using tools like Coherent Spark to build cloud-based models more easily.

You’ll find this guide most useful if you are:

  • An actuary who is stuck between knowing Excel can do complex things, but has limitations

  • An actuary who is frustrated by the lack of customization, transparency and speed of a single enterprise actuarial platform

  • A business leader trying to provide their actuaries with the best tools to work quickly and efficiently

Realize the Actuary 3.0 Vision
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