Develop and launch competitive insurance products at record speed

Coherent Product Factory is the new gold standard for developing and updating General Insurance, Life and Health products. It’s a single platform on which you can test, integrate and operationalise new products, and update existing pricing, product and compensation models.

Product Factory is powered by Spark technology to draw data points from your pricing models and transform them into deployable code. Easy for non-technical users to operate, product development that once took many months now happens in weeks.

Experience the power of Product Factory

Transform complex Excel pricing models into code in seconds. Deploy products quickly and easily at a touch of a button.

Features spotlight

  • Automated testing and analysis

    Automated testing is built in to the Product Factory workflow, with tests generated, run and re-run against models. Product Factory means the end of fragmented auditing across multiple systems, giving you direct traceability from product model to original specification, with audit trails for all changes.

  • Multiple deployment options

    Coherent Product Factory gives you a flexible approach to deployment, offering direct mainframe integration, microservice deployment, offline iOS and Android options.

  • Built to work with Excel

    No coding required – just upload your existing spreadsheets to get started

  • Built-in auditability and traceability

    All product modifications and transactional data records in one platform for easy reporting

  • Simple to govern and keep track

    Manage development progress and stakeholders with drag and drop Kanban Board and Roadmap

  • Scalable across multiple platforms and geographies

    Adapts to different technology stacks and the markets you operate in

  • Compatible with policy admin systems (e.g. Life400)

    Works with your existing technology so you don’t have to overhaul your IT infrastructure

Product Factory Interface

Discover the perfect partners for Coherent Product Factory

  • Coherent Explainer

    There’s never been a quicker, more eye-catching way to present quotes and illustrate scenarios. With a host of interactive features, Coherent Explainer helps agents deliver an insightful, personalised sales experience – both online and in person.

  • Coherent Flow

    Transform your remote sales experiences with Coherent Flow, the simple way to design and operate customer-friendly application forms. With auto-underwriting and e-signatures, Flow turbo-charges your virtual sales process.

  • Coherent Connect

    The smart way to interact with prospects and customers, Coherent Connect makes it easy for marketers to send timely, targeted messages on social messaging platforms to drive customer acquisition and deeper levels of engagement.

The calculation capabilities within Product Factory are the building blocks for a number of our solutions.

Daniel Morgan
Head of Solutions, Coherent

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