Powerful platforms. Flexible deployment options. Switch on to a faster, smarter, simpler way to run your business.

Develop competitive products at record speeds
With Coherent Product Factory, product development that once took months now takes weeks, while Coherent Pulse gives you the market insights to identify and act on competitive opportunities.

Automate your policy management processes
Coherent Sonic is the key to smart policy management, where every aspect of the policy lifecycle is automated and optimised.

Give customers a seamless remote sales experience
As customer interactions move online, Coherent Explainer showcases your policy illustrations and Coherent Flow makes it easy for customers to complete applications.

Acquire new customers and drive engagement
Coherent Connect empowers marketers to run targeted customer acquisition and engagement campaigns on social messaging channels.

Faster product development

Develop and deliver your products at record speed

Slash the time it takes to get your products to market with Coherent Product Factory, a no-code solution that makes it easy to build, test and operationalise insurance products.

Product Factory Interface

Easier sales enablement

Give customers a better sales experience

Transform your remote sales experiences with Coherent Flow, the simple way to design and operate customer-friendly application forms. With auto-underwriting and e-signatures, Flow turbo-charges your virtual sales process.

Smarter policy management

Automate your policy management processes

The smart policy management system for complete process automation. From issuance and billing to collections and claims, Coherent Sonic automates and optimises every aspect of policy management.

More tools to supercharge your business

  • Coherent Explainer

    There’s never been a quicker, more eye-catching way to present quotes and illustrate scenarios. With a host of interactive features, Coherent Explainer helps agents deliver an insightful, personalised sales experience – both online and in person.

  • Coherent Connect

    The smart way to interact with customers on their favourite social messaging platforms. Send timely, targeted messages to drive customer engagement and retention, and increase your customer ROI.
  • Coherent Pulse

    Put a world of industry data at your fingertips. Coherent Pulse helps you monitor trends and compare products to uncover market opportunities and develop compelling propositions.