Ignite possibilities with Spark

For the past couple of years, we have been busy developing our suite of platforms to help insurers tackle fundamental issues at four key stages of the insurance business: Product Development, Sales Enablement, Customer Acquisition and Engagement, and Policy Management.

While creating and building our platforms, we’ve also developed our core proprietary technology that underpins and powers all our platforms, our ‘secret sauce’ if you will! Introducing Spark, our rules and logic engine, offering API services, data storage and cloud provisioning.

Spark has the power to transform insurance systems to radically improve speed, agility and operational resilience, helping you do things faster, smarter and simpler. With containerised deployment and a microservices architecture, Spark platforms integrate with any operating environment, allowing you to iterate and scale at pace. Spark is always learning and improving too, producing richer insights and efficiency as it gathers data. Spark also does all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, making our platforms super user-friendly, even for your non-technical users.

To help illustrate how Spark works, we’ve created a series of animations with our trusty mascot, Sparky, to help explain the core benefits of Spark, and how it powers our platforms. Check out our first video below!